Lagunitas Sanctuary


Lagunitas Sanctuary

Proud space holder for all walks of life. Want to host your next event with us?

We love hosting spiritual camping retreats! 

Looking for the perfect energy vortex camp to host your next gathering ?

Step into our forcefield, feel the good vibes flow. This is a sacred site for spiritual enlightenment. 

A place to nurture your spirit, connect to nature and remember  yourself. 

Our upcoming events:

Spirit Connect April Summit

6 Day Spirit Connect Summit Event April 16th-21st, 2023

Be part of 4 full days, and 2 half days packed with spiritual healing ceremonies for our personal and collective awakening. We are gathering to help each other, the earth and humanity embody higher levels of consciousness.

Interested in attending? Don’t miss EARLY BIRD SPECIAL

Want to host your event at Lagunitas Sanctuary?

From Birthday parties, picnic, small and big events like weddings. Hosting group retreats and more. Rancho Lagunitas is ready to welcome you and your friends.

 Need help organizing and staffing ? We have you covered! We will work with you to make sure your event is everything you dream it to be.

For booking and more info please send us a chat below or email or fill out our contact page and send us what you have in mind.

Spreading love and unity consciousness through a variety of holistic healing modalities offered at our sanctuary and our team.


Our Team Offers


local vegan chefs


Certified masseuse

Energetic Healers

Energetic healing sessions


Perfect for spring & summer


Guided Meditations


Energetic healing sessions

Our past Events ..

For many moon cycles we have hosted Danza la Madre Tierra with elder Shaman Kathy. Our local community enjoys of free activities and modalities connecting to nature.

We have hosted over 2,000 people in these events! Our latest events are group spiritual retreats with Spirit Connect. It’s an honor to share our home with those wanting to remember themselves.

Spreading love and unity consciousness through a variety of holistic healing modalities offered at our sanctuary and our team.


Our mission

To provide our community with organic high vibrational experiences.

Offering a deep connection to nature and oneself. Creating safe spaces for consciousness expansion, a place to replenish your mind, body and spirit.

It is as it's own world there. The trees really take you on a journey. I'm so happy I spent a few days camping here. I feel so grounded and energized.
Happy TreeHugger
San Diego
It's like stepping into heaven on Earth
Happy Camper

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