Lagunitas Organics Santuary

Experience a new level of connectedness to nature and yourself at Lagunitas Organics Sanctuary

Nature Sanctuary, Holistic Spa, Greenhouse, Camp site &  Event venue 

Relax your mind, Rest your body, Reset your energy.

Book your Kundalini Reiki, Crystal and Chakra alignment and or body massage sessions 

About Us

Located in an energetic vortex surrounded by sacred mountains and ancient Oak trees. Our nature sanctuary instantly reduces stress levels, and regulates your nervous system by being in nature. Offering you space to slow down and enjoy your time.


Spreading love and unity consciousness through a variety of holistic healing modalities offered at our sanctuary and our team.



Take up space in nature to replenish your spirit.

Our Services

 Lavender & Rosemary greenhouse

Expand your garden with our various sized potted plants of lavender and rosemary

*potted plants only available on-site*

Get your camping gear and come experience the beauty in the nature here.

 Sleep under the milky way

For camping scheduling please contact us

 Kundalini Reiki, Crystal and Chakra alignment healing sessions and Aura Cleanse sessions

professional Body massages and occasional sacred Temazcal Ceremonies. 

Have you been searching for magical land to root in? To build your dream homestead, greenhouse or an off grid cabin in a nature sanctuary?

 This is your calling to become a guardian of the land. 

For more information and inquiries please click below

Balance, Ground and Activate your energy

 Aura cleanse ceremonies

A hand picked blend of Lavender, Sage and Rosemary wrapped with Kundalini Reiki

Purifies and Harmonizes

“Rejoice in the sounds of the birds and wind whistling through the oak tree leaf’s as you soak up the sun and energy from laying on the Quartz’s rocks.”

Visit us in Rancho Lagunitas Sustentable

Enjoy a day at the ranch, Come as you are

Lagunitas Organics is located in Rancho Lagunitas Sustentable in Tecate, B.C MX

Meditate under the oak trees, relax in the aromatherapy garden, book a Kundalini Reiki or massage session or climb giant rocks, hike the trails, 

lay in the med bed, host a gathering or enjoy a camp night.

A place to integrate and simply be.

Don’t forget to ask Amalia for a complementary Aura cleanse ceremony upon arrival and also take part in Tree Meditations with our 600yr+ Oak Trees and ask when the next sacred Temazcal ceremony will be.

*Gender Neutral Restrooms available onsite*

Please contact us prior to your visit our sanctuary to guarantee availability.

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