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About Us

Lagunitas Sanctuary

Under the milky way in-between horizons.

We create grounded experiances in natural settings which inspire, educate and connect us all.

We offer a safe heaven, a place to nurture your spirit, connect to nature and come home to yourself. 

Perfect place to simply be.


Stop and smell the Lavender garden. Aura Cleanse ceremonies

Kundalini Reiki

Release and integrate energy to your body and spirit through Chakra alignment healing sessions


Relax your body and stimulate blood flow with a body work massage by certified masseuse


Perfect for spring & summer

Star Gazing

see the Milky way on a clear sky

High Elevation

we are 3,800 ft asl High desert mountains

Bird Watch

Bird watch protected Eagles and Owls, and other beautiful birds


By yourself or as a group, by the quartz rocks or Oak Trees, at sunrise & sunset


Organic Lavender & Rosemary potted size plants

About Us

Located in an energetic vortex surrounded by sacred mountains and ancient Oak trees. Our nature sanctuary instantly reduces stress levels, and regulates your nervous system by being in nature. Offering you space to slow down and enjoy your time.


Spreading love and unity consciousness through a variety of holistic healing modalities offered at our sanctuary and our team.



Our mission

To provide our community with organic high vibrational experiences.

Offering a deep connection to nature and oneself. Creating safe spaces for consciousness expansion, a place to replenish your mind, body and spirit.

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Oak Trees yr old
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Giant Quartz rocks

Meet our team

From watering the plants to planting the seeds and wrapping Aura wands. Everything is done with love.

Welcome to Dulce's Garden

Dulce ALduenda

Owner and Co-founder of Lagunitas Organics sanctuary

Dulce started her garden back in 2010. She has always loved Rosemary and decided to grow it as a hedge for her garden walk ways. She planted lavender for its calming properties and beautiful unique flowers. Her garden has been her space to unwind and integrate life cycles.

In her greenhouse she also grows vegetables and medicinal plants for health teas and other herbal remedies.
Ask her to show you how to plant a lavender cutting, her specialty.
Dulce is in charge of organizing tasks and leading projects. She handles all things gardening from pruning and planting to designing garden beds and mixing soil.

Body work Professional Masseuse


Integrating holistic wellness into all areas of her life allows Itzel to share health with others in a way that is true to her. Within her massage therapy practice, Itzel Jaime pairs her intuitive nature with an anatomical understanding of the body in order to help her clients achieve their personal wellness goals.

As a CMT and HHP with a diverse understanding of massage therapy, she is able to assess the client’s needs, incorporating necessary styles of treatment ranging from sports medicine, deep tissue, circulatory practices, and eastern healing modalities.

Ultimately, Itzel strives to bring comfort, pain management, and an overall sense of well-being into the lives of her clients through each uniquely-tailored treatment session.

Itzel A Jaime

Holistics by Itzel

For in person sessions at Lagunitas sanctuary please contact below

Kundalini Reiki Master & Crystal Healer

Amalia C Alduenda

Co-founder of Lagunitas Organics sanctuary

Born of the land, Raised with the Oak Trees for 22 years. She holds a deep connection to Lagunitas sanctuary. Amalia is a physic medium. She is certified Kundalini Reiki Master & Crystal Healer. She offers professional Kundalini Diamond Reiki sessions virtually and in person at our sanctuary.

Her specialty is assisting the flow of energy. Mastering various quantum healings modalities such as her guided Tree meditations. Where she channels Tree spirits and takes you on an inner-journey . She developed this gift through her deep connection with the oak trees at Lagunitas Sanctuary.
Amalia also leads sacred Temazcal ceremonies where she works with ancestral organic plants as aromatherapy and steam to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit. Since childhood she has joyfully taken part in indigenous practices of the sacred Temazcal sweatlodge journey.  

Amalia wraps Reiki Aura wands made from Lavender, Rosemary and Sage from Lagunitas Organics our greenhouse. This blend of plants are used in ceremony for cleansing aura’s with their elemental healing properties. With these plants you will balance your energy. View our shop for more info.

Want to learn more about Amalia? 

It is as it's own world there. The trees really take you on a journey. I'm so happy I spent a few days camping here. I feel so grounded and energized.
Happy TreeHugger
San Diego
It's like stepping into heaven on Earth
Happy Camper
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